What’s going on with Ripple? Fighting vs Ethereum for the 2nd place

What is going on with Ripple?

Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH) are great crypto currencies in the crypto market. For a long time, Ethereum was the 2nd most popular crypto asset in the terms of market cap. First place is reserved for Bitcoin (BTC).

At the end of last week, price of Ripple (XRP) increased and it took over 2nd position from Ethereum.

Ripple’s market cap was around $26 Billion USD and during that time Ethereum was around $23 billion USD total market cap.

Ripple had no.2 spot for a short period of time since Ethereum got back on it very quickly.

Even though Ethereum is again holding 2nd spot in the terms of market cap, this is a great news for all investors in Ripple (XRP).

It is hard to say will Ripple manage to overtake Ethereum on 2nd spot again, only time will tell. If we see similar growth in price again, it is very likely that it will happen and it could push Ethereum to the 3rd place in terms of market cap.

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What is Ripple (XRP)?

Even though Ripple is often considered crypto currency XRP is very different to other cryptocurrencies.

Ripple (XRP) is trying to brand themselves as the most scalable and fastest asset. Ripple is a payment protocol that was released back in 2012. as the upgraded version of RipplePay.

It was designed to create technology similar to Bitcoin but without the usage of blockchain. Goal was to be a channel for quick payments.

Ripple is built for banks and enterprises, not so much for regular users.

Online trading with Ripple (XRP) is possible even though it is not Ripple’s main purpose. You can find this feature on many exchanges. Most popular exchange where you can trade Ripple is Binance

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