Weed Millionaire Review

Weed Millionaire could be another scam in the world of online investing. It promises investors that they will make a fortune and we are not sure how correct is that.

Weed Millionaire – Is It a Scam?

Weed Millionaire trading platform is very similar to several Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin scams that were busted last year. The main difference between Weed Millionaire and other bitcoin scams is the video about Dragon’s Den.

Weed Millionaire also claims that they have 99% success and you know that this is very unlikely. This alone presents big RED ALERT!

Check out Weed Millionaire here: Weed Millionaire

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Weed Millionaire User Review

It is not possible to access Weed Millionaire trading platform before you make a deposit. Weed Millionaire is following the standard industry practice with minimum deposit of $250 USD.

After you register, you will be connected to forex and CFD broker where you need to make a deposit of minimum $250 USD.

After that you will get access to the trading platform and you will be able to trade cannabis stocks. Trading cannabis stocks can be done manually and automatically.

The fact is that pot is starting to pay off.

Shares of cannabis companies are constantly going up and many investors are becoming millionaires.

How Did Cannabis Millionaires made Their Fortune?

Cannabis Millionaires

Steve DeAngelo, co-founder and president of ArcView Group is one of the largest players in cannabis investing space. The company is representing a network of over 600 investors. He is currently listed No.10 on Cannabis Millionaire list

Snoop Dogg, famous rapper is listed No.4. on Cannabis Millionaire list. His net worth is over $120 million USD. Snoop Dogg is longtime cannabis advocate. He funded Casa Verde Capital, investing company focused on cannabis.

John Cervini is definitely No.1 on Cannabis Millionaire list with the sake valued at almost $145 million USD. He owns 9 million shares of the Aphria company.