Simple Auto Trading Review – Is Simple Auto Trading Legit or is it a Scam?

Simple Auto Trading Review

Binary options are prohibited in the European Economic Area.

Simple Auto Trading is the online binary options auto trading software that was launched in 2017. Founded by a team of software experts and professional trading analysts it is growing fast to become the best binary options robot available in 2017.

The amazing winning rate of 83% can go even higher when different technical indicators and trading systems are combined.

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Most trustworthy thing is that founders have nothing to do with any of the binary options scam robots that are still available out there. Therefore we can advise users and recommend them to try Simple Auto Trading. It is very simple auto trading software and it is free to use.

Simple Auto Trading is the best binary option robot available in 2017. It is legit and genuine auto trading robot that operates with regulated brokers

Table of Contents:

  1. How can I use Simple Auto Trading Robot?
  2. Do I need to download Simple Auto Trading software?
  3. Get started with Simple Auto Trading Robot
  4. How much does Simple Auto Trading cost?
  5. Making profits with Simple Auto Trading
  6. Is Simple Auto Trading binary options robot scam?
  7. Simple Auto Trading customer support
  8. Recommendation

How can I use Simple Auto Trading Robot?

Making daily profits with this trading system is something that we like the most. As we mentioned above, winning rate can go even over 83% and auto-trading system can generate earnings higher than $1200 daily. has six indicators for binary option auto trading that traders can use. It is possible to use each trading indicator individually, as well as combine them.

Simple Auto Trading Indicators

Binary option trading indicators are is the only thing that is available for binary options traders. When you use platform you are also able to choose different Trading Systems. System – Classic

This system is the basic one and it’s very simple auto trading system. You just select the $ amount per trade and every trade will be executed with the same amount. Simple as that! System – Martingale

Martingale system has been popular among sports betting and casino industry. Idea behind the system is pretty simple. $ amount per trade is increased if you lose the trade. Even thou it is more risky; martingale auto trading system is still very popular among traders since it allows them to make fast profits. System – Fibonacci

The Fibonacci auto trading system is probably the most accurate trading system available at Simple Auto Trading binary option robot. It’s mathematic sequence is enabling you with different trade $ amount in accordance with the series of signal results.

Simple Auto Trading Systems

Do I need to download Simple Auto Trading software? robot is compatible with all browser versions and devices. You can run it on your computer or mobile device. As a fully online solution, there is no need to download software.

Get started with Simple Auto Trading Robot

When we compared robot with other binary option robots out there we realized that it’s name really describes it all. It’s simple and easy to sign up and use it. This investment tool has become top pick by many traders because it is very simple to use and it is able to generate daily earnings of more than $1200.

Users are able to register for free by using very simple registration form. After you sign up, you will receive confirmation e-mail and your account will be connected to the broker that you selected when signing up. This is the important part of the process because you are not able to use your old broker accounts with this system. Your broker account needs to be connected with

Keep in mind that not all brokers on are available for all countries. So don’t be surprised if you see a broker listed but you are not able to sign up. However, you should not worry. All brokers that are available at are tested by their team and they are compatible with Simple Auto Trading binary robot software.

The easiest way to get started is to follow their simple procedure, as displayed here:

Simple Auto Trading Steps

How much does Simple Auto Trading cost?

One of the best things about Simple Auto Trading binary options robot is that it is completely free. You just need to make a deposit with the broker that is connected to your account. When that is done, you can just activate Auto Trade button and start trading. It’s that simple!

Making profits with has shown us that it’s capable of maintaining 83% winning rate. In some cases that winning rate went even higher, as a result of combination of different indicators. Great thing about this binary option robot is that you can use it and benefit from its high winning rates and even if you don’t have any previous skills and knowledge.

Is Simple Auto Trading binary option robot a scam?

Our tests and research showed as a result that Simple Auto Trading binary option robot is legit. It is a reliable binary options auto trading solution that can be used with some of the top brokers that are offering binary options trading. In the time with many binary option robot scams it is nice see a product like this that is legit. Seems like that with trading binary options have never been easier.

Simple Auto Trading is Not a Scam

Check Official Website Here

Simple Auto Trading customer support

Customer support at is available via e-mail and using contact form. Professionals can assist you with any questions that you might have regarding the usage of platform. Response rate is fast and you can expect to get answers to all of your questions due to their professionalism. We would definitely recommend to read their FAQ section since you might find your answers there as well.

Recommendation binary option robot is legit and trustworthy trading tool. It is very suitable for beginners but advanced traders will find it useful as well. You don’t need to have any experience to start using it. Signing up is very simple and it’s the same with the usage of platform.
It is our top choice for auto trading binary options in 2017!