Crypto Robot 365 Review – Is CryptoRobot365 Legit or is it a Scam? [Video Review]

Crypto Robot 365 Review

I decided to do a review of very popular crypto options robot called CryptoRobot365. The reason behind this was to inform all traders out there and everyone who is looking for a way to make money. There are many auto trading systems and binary options robots out there and it is pretty hard to figure out which one is scam and which one is legit.

Hopefully you will get all the necessary information after reading this Crypto Robot review

Crypto Robot365 - Is CryptoRobot365 Scam

Crypto Robot 365 has been available to traders for a long time. Do you think this would be possible if CryptoRobot365 is a scam? I don’t think so.

As soon as you load CryptoRobot365 home page you will experience very clean and professional design. Unlike some other auto trading robots people behind Crypto Robot focused on the most important things. They decided to provide traders with the best trading experience. Simple Auto Trading is maybe the only other robot out there that has this clean and simple design. It is not a surprise that both products are on top of our recommended products list.

What will you find in this review?

Table of Contents:

  1. Is Crypto Robot Legit or Scam Software?
  2. How Does Crypto Robot Work?
  3. How Can I Start Trading With CryptoRobot365?
  4. CryptoRobot365 Special Features?
  5. Conclusion

1. Is Crypto Robot 365 Scam or Legit Software?

Time is money. You probably heard that before. That idea was the main reason for creation of Crypto Robot 365trading software. By using this auto trading platform, users are no longer required to sit in front of their computers and stare at the screens just so they can make a good trade.

Unfortunately, some people decided to take advantage of this and started to create scam software so they can easily take user’s money. You will find many scams online. Two things they all have in common is:

  1. They are designed very poorly and they tend to create a hype effect to make you do deposit and take your money
  2. They don’t work

When I did this Crypto Robot review I noticed that they work with many regulated and licensed brokers. This brings extra credibility and you can be sure that it’s legit and trustworthy. 

Find our more in this video review of CryptoRobot365

2. How Does Crypto Robot Work?

During the Crypto Robot review process I found out that Crypto Robot uses trading systems and indicators to execute it’s trades. There are 3 trading systems that Crypto Robot offers to it’s users. All 3 are very simple to use and convenient for beginners.

Traders are now able to use advantages of Classic System, Martingale and Fibonacci System.

Classic system, as the name says, is the most simple one. User just needs to select trade amount and assets and that’s it. Each trade will be executed using the same trade amount. Very simple and straight forward.

Martingale System might be familiar to all of you that ever played some roulette game in the casino. Principle is very simple. You place a bet and if you lose you double the amount on your next bet. Same strategy is applied in Martingale System on Crypto Robot.

Fibonacci System is following mathematical Fibonacci Sequence. You can read more about Fibonacci Sequence in this Wikipedia Article by clicking the link HERE

Check out how does Crypto Robot Dashboard look like.

3. How Can I Start Trading With CryptoRobot365?

The best thing about CryptoRobot365 is the fact that it is very convenient for beginners and amateurs. Not everyone is able to analyse markets and currency charts and place trades. That’s the beauty of CryptoRobot365. You just need to register using very simple registration form.

Another good thing is that you can even select your broker. Many of auto trading softwares and binary option robots do not allow their users to select the broker they want to connect their account with. CryptoRobot365 allows you to select your own binary options broker for trading.

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However, you need to be aware that not all brokers are available for all countries. Crypto brokers have different minimum trade amounts as well. Don’t be afraid if you select wrong broker, so to say. You can always make new free account with another broker from your CryptoRobot365 account.

After you create your account you will get access to the CryptoRobot365 account. Many traders will take a chance to test free demo account that is available upon signup.

In order to start trading for real money and finally start making money online traders need to make initial investment – deposit. Minimum deposit with most of the brokers that are integrated at CryptoRobot365 is $250 USD. Due to some specific country requirements it is possible that traders from certain countries will be required to deposit more. This info is especially relevant if your deposit attempt gets rejected. It is possible that the minimum amount for your country is a bit higher than, above mentioned, $250.

There are various deposit methods with brokers on CryptoRobot365. Most of the credit cards like MasterCard or Visa are accepted. Furthermore, some brokers accept e-wallet payments as well. All deposits are processed via secured server and traders do not need to worry about their credit card data getting stolen.

4. CryptoRobot365 Special Features

As I already mentioned in the text above, CryptoRobot365 uses trading systems and trading indicators. Systems are pretty easy to explain since it’s pretty straightforward. Indicators however may require more technical explanation. There are six indicators that traders can use with OptionRobot. Traders can combine them or they can use them individually. Currently available indicators are Trend indicator, MACD indicator, RSI indicator, STOCH indicator, WILLIAMS indicator, CCI indicator.

You can read more about each of these indicators by checking CryptoRobot365 official page.

The best thing about CryptoRobot365 is the free demo account. And when I say free, I mean free. No deposit is required. No need to use your credit card or e-wallet. You just need to sign up and activate demo mode. And that’s it.

By using demo mode each trader can check which features are available for them. Which assets can they trade with. How does each trading system work etc. As a result of that testing traders can decide to make a deposit or close the browser window and never look back.

5. Conclusion

CryptoRobot365 is one of the first auto trading platforms that became available for users. It does not require and previous knowledge and the most important thing about it – does not require a lot of time from you.

Users can get started in 3 simple steps as we already mentioned.

If you have some concerns about CryptoRobot365, try their free demo account and see for yourself. I also have to mention that customer support is available all the time and you can get all the help that you may need.

After completing this CryptoRobot365 review I can say that CryptoRobot365 is legit crypto auto trading software and it is not a scam. Want to try it? Click on the banner below and sign up for free demo account.
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