CFD Robot Trading

Have you heard about Forex trading? How about currency trading? Do you know what USD/EUR currency pair represents? How to place a trade? Are you experienced in online trading? If you answered no to any of these questions then you came to the right place. We will talk about Forex and CFD Trading and Best Forex CFD Robots and how can you make money online using best forex robots.

After reading our article, we hope that you should be able to decide are you more interested in manual forex trading or you prefer to sit back, relax and let the best forex robots do the work for you.

CFD Trading

What is CFD Trading?

One of the best things of living in the 21st century is the fact that people no longer have to toil away from dawn till dusk to keep their account “in the black”. The way to do this are numerous and CFD trading can certainly be one of them. But, what is CFD trading and what does it take to turn a profit? And, let’s face it – turning a profit is what we all want.

The easiest way to define what is CFD trading is to simply examine the name itself – Contract for Difference. This is, basically, a relatively simple contract made between two sides or parties (buyer and seller).

The contract specifies that a seller is required to pay a buyer the difference between the present value of a specific asset in question and the value the asset had at the time of the contract. Should the difference be negative, then the contract stipulates that the buyer has to pay the seller.

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So basically, CFD trading is a financial derivative which makes possible for traders to profit from underlying asset prices moving up or down. Additionally, those who take part in CFD trading do not own the underlying asset.
According to available information, CFD trading is not allowed in the USA due to their securities law.
However, there are plenty of countries around the world which do allow CFD trading such as United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Australia, Canada, Russia, Norway, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden and many other countries around the world.

How Did CFD Trading Start?

The beginning of the 1990s brought about the novel way of trading, called equity swap at this point, and it was developed by UBS Warburg employees Jon Wood and Brian Keelan in London. In those early days, CFD trading was mainly used by various hedge funds to guard against the exposure on the London Stock Exchange in a cost-effective manner.

However, by the end of the 1990s, CFD trading was also made known to retail traders and made widely popular by various companies in the United Kingdom via online trading platforms. Aside from the stocks, the CFD trading also included currencies, indices, commodities as well as bonds.

This also meant that traders had fewer limitations and more chances to diversify their traders in order to pocket the profits. In fact, nowadays with some CFD provider more than 10,000 around the globe can be accessed.

How Does CFD Trading Work?

One of the major attractions of CFD trading is that fact that traders can make a profit whether the prices are falling or rising. This is possible because the traders have a choice to either make use of long options (buy) or short options (sell). This allows traders more flexibility and greater chance to pocket the profit no matter the price direction.

Another major attraction of CFD trading is also shown when it comes to the investment itself.
As CFDs are a so-called leveraged product, the traders may boost their exposure on the market for a very brief time period with the investment being considerably lower than the one generally needed for trading the assets directly.

What is CFD Trading Offering to Traders?

Aside from the fact that traders may make a profit regardless of the price direction, there is the issue of momentary actions. Meaning, it is possible for traders to sell or buy positions immediately since there isn’t any settlement period.

Hence, what is CFD trading offering is that fact that the prices showcase precisely what is happening in the underlying asset market.
Then, there is also the opportunity to access numerous markets around the world from one account. This is made possible by many CFD providers and in doing so it is possible for traders to diversify their portfolio.

Unlike many other trading enterprises, it is possible to trade CFDs out of hours. That effectively means that traders can still trade CFDs even when the exchange is closed for the day. Furthermore, traders also do not need to worry themselves with the expiry date since there isn’t any.

Traders are free to trade any number of CFDs as there aren’t any fixed contract sizes.
Another fact that keeps attracting traders to CFDs is that this manner of trading is tax efficient since the trader does not own the actual underlying asset.Lastly, what is CFD trading offering to all those interested in taking part is a simple and straightforward way of trading which will not take ages to learn and execute.

What are Possible Disadvantages of CFD Trading?

Naturally, any manner of trading brings with certain risks and this is something all traders need to keep in mind. So, what is CFD trading exposed to in terms of risk?
One of the most common mistakes done by many traders is the so-called overtrading issue. This happens because of low investment and easy access.

Another fact to keep in mind is that CFDs are over-the-counter (derivative) product and as such a trader does not own any underlying asset. By extension, this also signifies it is not possible for traders to transfer their position to a different CFD provider so they have to trade with a CFD broker they opened the position with.

Traders have to bear in mind the fact that high leverage also increases losses when they happen. Additionally, with CFD trading, traders have to pay spreads for both exiting and entering a position and that can make quite a dent when it comes to profits, especially if there aren’t any huge movements in prices.

Another potential pitfall is the regulation issue as this type of trading often lacks in that area. This places the necessity to thoroughly investigate the CFD provider prior to making any moves.
We advise all interested traders to check the provider’s reputation, longevity on the market and financial position.

With the right and well-thought approach, understanding the risks involved and starting slowly, trading CFDs could be a great way to make a profit.

CFD Trading for Beginners

No matter what we take up, a new hobby, new job or a new way of trading, the fact is – it is scary!

And while plenty of people give up when faced with a challenge, there are those who push forward and make an effort to master the skill necessary to be successful. For many the word “trading” symbolizes the world which is far from their reach.

Luckily, this perception is changing and many are now venturing into various aspect of online trading. In recent years CFD trading has gained in popularity with many traders around the world now looking into this exciting profit-making opportunity. This article will deal with that issue precisely and will, in a simple but concise way, explain what CFD trading for beginner entails.

CFD Trading for Beginners – the Basics

The first step in understanding anything is mastering the basic information. When it comes to CFD trading for beginners that means comprehending the basic principles involved with this manner of trading.

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Contract for difference (CFD) is, essentially, a difference between an entered and exited trade. It is a tradable instrument that depicts the motion of the underlying asset.

While the actual underlying asset is never owned by the trader, this way of trading still allows money gain (or loss) when that underlying asset moves according to the taken position. In actuality, CFD trading is a simple contract between a buyer and a seller. Traders are trading the difference in the price between the entry point and the exit point.And it is this simplicity and straightforward manner of trading that has made it so popular among numerous traders around the world.

While this type of online trading originated in the United Kingdom in the 1990s it is available all around the world today with few exceptions. One of the exceptions is the USA which does not allow CFD trading nor is it permissible of US citizens to take part in this trading enterprise.
Another basic information that CFD trading for beginners has to make clear is that this is a very diverse market. It does not only include stocks (this is how it started) but also indices, commodities, currencies which allows traders to try their hand at numerous underlying asset markets.

Nowadays, it is possible via CFD provider/broker, to access more than 10,000 trading instruments all around the world which is far from limiting and opens au a sea of possibility to make healthy profits.

Why Can CFD Trading be a Good Choice for Beginners?

One of the biggest attractions this way of trading holds for beginners is the fact that it is not necessary to have a huge amount of money to start trading.

However, there are several other reasons why traders find this manner of trading so attractive.
Firstly, it is possible to profit from short-term price movements in the available markets. Also, traders get to trade via the leverage CFD trading provides so, in some cases, it is possible to trade e.g. 100 to 1 leverage.

Another benefit of trading CFDs lies in only one trading account with which it is possible to access international markets. This is great for CFD beginner traders as it keeps the whole process simple.

Additionally, traders are able to profit from CFDs even if the market is falling via short-selling.
Yet another great thing about CFD trading for beginners is the fact that there is no expiry time and it is also possible to keep trading out-of-hours. The latter refers to extended hours some CFD providers are offering so traders need not be limited by the official exchange trading hours.

CFD Trading for Beginners – How to Choose a Provider?

Understandably, this is one of the questions which will plague any CFD beginner trader and it should not be taken lightly. However, what are major elements that CFD trading for beginners should cover to increase the chances for profitable trading?

As all beginner CFD traders have to conduct research it is advisable to not just learn about the basics of trading but also check the reputation of various CFD providers available on the market. Some of the indicators of reliability are the period of provider’s presence on the market as well as the company insurance.

It is also advisable that all traders, be they beginners or not check the service charges and margin level. With most CFD providers the margin ranges between 5-10%. When it comes to service charges, it is realistic to expect that majority of providers will charge both entering and closing a position.

Another thing to look out for is the trading platform itself as this is how traders are able to track what is happening on the market so it should be easy to understand and use.
As mentioned above, there are many CFD types available on the market today and, naturally, the more choice a trader has the more trading opportunities are at his/her disposal. Hence, traders need to make sure they know which markets are available with a certain CFD provider.
Important indicator when choosing a CFD provider, especially for beginner traders, is the spread (the difference between the ask and bid price) they offer. As a rule, the narrower the spread is the better.

Further aspects beginner CFD traders should look out for is the quality of customer service the provider offers and the account opening procedure. While these may not be the first on the list, and many actually neglect to pay attention to this, it is important. The quality of customer service can tell a lot about the provider as can a procedure to open an account. The latter should not take more than 24 hours at most.

Basically, CFD trading is intended for both beginners as well as more experienced traders. The most important thing is to do proper research and be aware of advantages as well as risk.
Any kind of financial investment is open to risk and losses may occur as markets are open to volatility and sudden change of price direction. Yet, in taking the time to carefully study CFD trading for beginners info as well as making sure that the reputable provider is selected, beginner traders may pocket the profits.

Can I Make Money with CFD Trading?

The motivation for most who enter the sphere of trading is rather simple – making money. Hence, the question of “Can I make money with CFD trading” is a legitimate one. By analogy, it is also a one which needs careful consideration.

While it might be true to answer it simply by “yes” we believe there is more to it. Mainly, every profitable venture, be it in the area of trading or other financial enterprise, includes more than one aspect that has to be mastered in order to make money.

The aim of this article is to present all or most elements necessary for a trader to make money with CFD trading. That includes the guiding principle in CFDs as well as advantages and risks one takes on if and when the trading process begins.

Lastly, there are also useful tips to keep in mind when trading CFDs which can come in handy and ultimately lead to healthy profits.

More Tips to Make Money with CFD Trading

While knowing the basics is an absolute must, there are also some handy tips and trips traders may apply to their CFD trading and secure higher profits.
Most tips actually deal with a sensible approach as well as careful planning as well as being well-informed about CFDs as well as your CFD provider/broker.

It is easy to fall into a trap of overtrading and opening too many positions at once due to lower investments. This could be a costly approach. It is better to start slowly and use sensible options and stop loss (if it is provided by the CFD broker).

Traders also need to manage their existing traders carefully instead of just looking for new opening positions. The same can be said about carefully choosing your CFD provider. While it might be attractive to use one which offers the lowest margin, other considerations also need to be taken into consideration. Those include the quality of customer service, security provided on the platform and the trading platform itself.

Working on the trading plan and developing a trading method is another key aspect of successful trading. Nothing is learned and mastered over night, so expecting to do so with CFDs is not realistic and can be potentially detrimental to profit making. Traders are advised to take time not just to study the market, but to familiarize themselves with all the aspects involved in the trading process.

This does not only include the underlying assets themselves but rather more complex issues of whether to trade the long side or the short side. In the first instance, that means buying an order because it is expected that the price will rise and the sell order will be used to close the position. On the other hand, a short position since the trader is expecting the drop in the prices. Here, a buy order will be used to close the position. This is one of the most interesting aspects of CFD trading as it is possible to make money directly from the falling prices.

The main point is to keep the losses low and develop a trading method which can be used again and again with positive results. This is also a way to make sure the profits are not just a result of luck but a planned action with reliable results.

Trading CFDs can be a great way to make money but it needs careful consideration, studying as well as knowing the risks beforehand.

Best Forex CFD Robots and Brokers Overview

Best Forex Robots and Forex Trading Reviews

Before we get into the explanation about Best Forex Robots we would like to briefly describe what is Forex Trading.

Main goal of the Forex trader is to predict what will happen with the value of the currency and to make money and profit from it. Forex trading is popular form of trading and one of the most popular online investments. Thanks for Forex trading, there is a potential quick and big profit from very little change in the value of foreign currency and currency pairs.

best forex robots trading platform

As you probably know, in the old days trading was done by people sitting at their desks and making trades over the phone. Today, trading has gone digital and like many things these days, everything is done online.

The fact that trading has gone digital opened a lot of new opportunities for trading analysts and trading experts. More and more traders are using various software tools to assist them in their trading.

Best Forex Trading Platform and Best Forex Robots

One of the most popular software tools that is used by trades is MetaTrader. You can download it for free from their official website:

MetaTrader is very useful tool for the traders who are able to use technical analysis and fundamental analysis in order to predict market movements and place some winning trades.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the knowledge to do so and many people are wandering and placing some random forex trades with no clue what are they doing.

Thanks to the technological achievements this is not a problem anymore. Experts and software engineers decided to create a tool that will automate a lot of the actions. These actions are usually done manually and they are result of many analysis done in background.

What are the Best Forex Robots and what do they do

Forex Robots are also known by the name FX Bots or FX Robots. Forex Robots are using different trading signals to figure out will the action be to buy or to sell certain currency pair and specific time.

Thanks to forex robots, automated forex trading is possible. Psychological element is removed from the decision making process. Trades are being placed thanks to the trading algorithm.

Many of trading accounts that have been connected with forex robots managed to grow from small into much bigger trading accounts.

Even though there are many investors and forex traders that have made a significant profit thanks to forex robots and automated forex trading, some of them made a loss as well.

The biggest objective to automated forex robots are investors that are still trading manually. Their argument is that economy is affected by human actions and it is not possible to predict those actions.

Forex robots are analysing trends that have happened during a lifetime of a certain currency pair and based on those analysis they are deciding should they buy or sell.

There are several Forex Robots on the market. Some of them are free to use and some of them are products that you need to buy. We will try to review as many of them as possible and they will be added in the table above.

When choosing Forex Robot you need to make sure that deposit and withdrawal methods are acceptable to you. Also, keep in mind to check tax regulations in your country related to forex trading. The most important thing regarding investments in general is this one: Never invest money that you can’t afford to lose. This rule should be applied into every investment decision that you make and forex trading and online investing is not an exception.

What are the Best Forex Robots and do They Really Work?

Traders of different knowledge levels and experience are interested in trading Forex. Each of them has different approach to trading in the Forex market. Some Forex traders are more into manual trading, while other are keen to use automated Forex systems and Forex Robots.

Getting some automated device or software to do whole work for you is interesting and tempting in many areas of life. Trading in Forex market is no exception. Traders need to choose the best Forex Robot software that will do automated Forex trading for them.

Forex robots, or FX robots, are the software that enables automated Forex trading based on set of algorithms that are built in it. Algorithms and trading signals are defining should the currency pair be bought or sold at any particular time.

How Does the Forex Robot Work?

Best Forex Robots are able to scan different charts in a way that is almost impossible for people. Beside that, Forex robot algorithms are configured with special parameters and together with Forex trading signals they determine is it time to trade or not.

FX robots are very useful when there is no clear trend on the specific currency pair as they can assist in trading in a situation where there is no clear direction about the currency pair movement. Best Forex Robots are usually following the best trends since trading with it increases profits long term.

It is important to make a note that most of the robots work and trade within certain range. Some of the best Forex robots are making profits in a positive trend, even though they lose money on volatile Forex market. Therefore, main goal of the FX robots is to discover a great trend to follow.

How Effective are Best Forex Robots?

If your Forex strategy is mechanical and does not require any decision making process by human, it is possible to configure Forex robot trading software that will place trades for you 24/7.

There are several successful Forex robots and we are trying to review most of them so it can be easier for you to decide which Forex robot to try and use.

FxMasterBot Forex Robot

Since there are many Forex robots and CFD Robots in the market you need to be careful and make sure that you trade only with Best Forex Robots. There are many Forex trading scams built by companies that show up with the great product and then just disappear after few months.

FX Master Bot Review – Is Forex Master Bot a Scam?

FX Master Bot is a completely free web-based software, developed by a team of experts using a ‘robot’ and a complex algorithm to analyse world financial markets for information. This information is constantly being processed and converted into signals which are in fact, trading recommendations. I tried to cover as much as possible in this FX Master Bot Review.Traders registered with FX Master Bot, see the signals on the dashboard of their forex master bot account. By using this unique, user-friendly trading platform for Forex trading, you can decide to trade with signals automatically or manually.

fxmasterbot trading signals

FX Master Bot Review – Free Account

Using FX Master Bot software is completely free and you don’t need to pay any fee to use it. However, in order to use FX Master Bot for real money trading, you need to make a deposit with the broker. Unfortunately it is not possible to connect existing broker accounts with FX Master Bot software. You need to choose broker from your FX Master Bot account.

It is possible to make returns on investments of up to 89% using the free FX Master Bot software and you don’t need trading experience to get started!

FXMasterBot is accessible through the browser on any smartphone device, tablet, MacBook or desktop computers. That means there’s no need for downloading mobile apps or software andyou can trade on the move whenever you want, giving you total flexibility.

FX Master Bot Review – Demo Account

A risk-free way to find out about trading tools and how the trading platform operates, is to set up a 5-day Demo account with FXMasterBot. It takes seconds to get started with virtual trading in Forex, after giving your name and email on the forex master bot home page:

fxmasterbot dashboard

Forex Master Bot Review – Live Trading Accounts

In my opinion, the outstanding feature at FX Master Bot is the progressive structure of the trading accounts. Unlike most trading platforms where you are ‘stuck’ with a single trading account, you can start as Novice with very simple account on FX Master Bot.

Upgrade to Expert and ultimately the Master account once you feel you have sufficient experience.

FX Master Bot software has many advanced settings. These include:

The most advanced settings are not enabled in the Novice account and only a few are made available for the Expert account.

Forex Master Bot Review – Novice Account

The best way to start your trading career in Forex trading is to choose FX Master Bot Novice Account.

Best Forex CFD Robots

When you register your account you are required to make a minimum $250 deposit with one of the brokers indicated by FX Master Bot in order to get a Novice account.

Following the deposit, you get access to the forex trading platform with only 3 forex currency pairs.

Bear in mind that this is an account for traders who are not familiar with trading financial instruments.

Forex Master Bot Review – Expert Account

To get an Expert account up and running requires a $500 deposit with one of the multiple brokers shown at FX Master Bot. With the Expert account, you will see more of the advanced settings enabled in the software, giving you more control over your trades.

You can trade in up to 9 currency pairs using manual or auto trade modes. You can also have as many positions open, as you choose.

Forex Master Bot Review – Master Account

As the name implies, the Master account is the ultimate account at FX Master Bot where traders get VIP treatment. It takes a $1,000 deposit with one or two brokers indicated on the registration page to get up and running.

In return, you get access to 27 currency pairs. All of the the advanced settings on the trading platform and unlimited trading possibilities in manual or auto trade modes.

FX Master Bot Review – Customer Support

All traders, regardless of the level of their trading accounts can enjoy live support. FX Master Bot offers live chat for all users. When the support team goes home at the end of the trading day, you can leave a message. Support team will make sure to send you reply by email the following day.

FX Master Bot Review – Payment Methods

Brokers collaborating with FX Master Bot forex robot are processing your financial transactions. Free software provider is not a brokerage company.

Typically, online brokers support a diverse range of payment methods. These payment methods include bank wire transfer, E-Wallets and credit/debit cards.

Customers will see exactly which deposit methods does each broker at FX Master Bot offer. Terms and conditions governing deposits and withdrawals are explained as well.

FX Master Bot states that all payment methods offered by its broker partners are 100% secure. You can see few of the selected payment methods on their website.

Currently, these include Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

FX Master Bot Review – Is Fx Master Bot a Scam?

Completing this Fx Master Bot review process resulted with the conclusion that FX Master Bot is legit forex robot software and not a scam.

You are able to modify a lot of settings on your own and decide when to start or stop trading. Full control is in trader’s hands.

There were no reported deposit or withdrawal issues with any of the brokers that are integrated with FX Master Bot.

FxMasterBot Forex Robot

If you are still in doubts about forex robots, there are many auto trading forex robots in the market. I’m sure that you will be able to find something that is suitable for you.