FX Master Bot Review – Is Forex Master Bot a Scam?

FX Master Bot Review

FX Master Bot Review - LogoFX Master Bot is a completely free web-based software, developed by a team of experts using a ‘robot’ and a complex algorithm to analyse world financial markets for information. This information is constantly being processed and converted into signals which are in fact, trading recommendations. I tried to cover as much as possible in this FX Master Bot Review.

Traders registered with FX Master Bot, see the signals on the dashboard of their forex master bot account. By using this unique, user-friendly trading platform for Forex trading, you can decide to trade with signals automatically or manually.

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FX Master Bot Review – Free Account

Using FX Master Bot software is completely free and you don’t need to pay any fee to use it. However, in order to use FX Master Bot for real money trading, you need to make a deposit with the broker. Unfortunately it is not possible to connect existing broker accounts with FX Master Bot software. You need to choose broker from your FX Master Bot account.

You can expect to make returns on investments of up to 89% using the free FX Master Bot software and you don’t need trading experience to get started!

FXMasterBot is accessible through the browser on any smartphone device, tablet, MacBook or desktop computers. That means there’s no need for downloading mobile apps or software and you can trade on the move whenever you want, giving you total flexibility.

FX Master Bot Review – Demo Account

A risk-free way to find out about trading tools and how the trading platform operates, is to set up a 5-day Demo account with FXMasterBot. It takes seconds to get started with virtual trading in Forex, after giving your name and email on the forex master bot home page:

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Forex Master Bot Review – Live Trading Accounts

In my opinion, the outstanding feature at FX Master Bot is the progressive structure of the trading accounts. Unlike most trading platforms where you are ‘stuck’ with a single trading account, you can start as Novice with very simple account on FX Master Bot.

Upgrade to Expert and ultimately the Master account once you feel you have sufficient experience.

FX Master Bot software has many advanced settings. These include:

The most advanced settings are not enabled in the Novice account and only a few are made available for the Expert account.

Forex Master Bot Review – Novice Account

The best way to start your trading career in Forey trading is to choose FX Master Bot Novice Account. 

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When you register your account you are required to make a minimum $250 deposit with one of the brokers indicated by FX Master Bot in order to get a Novice account.

Following the deposit, you get access to the forex trading platform with only 3 forex currency pairs.

Bear in mind that this is an account for traders who are not familiar with trading financial instruments.

Forex Master Bot Review – Expert Account

To get an Expert account up and running requires a $500 deposit with one of the multiple brokers shown at FX Master Bot. With the Expert account, you will see more of the advanced settings enabled in the software, giving you more control over your trades.

You can trade in up to 9 currency pairs using manual or auto trade modes. You can also have as many positions open, as you choose.

Forex Master Bot Review – Master Account

As the name implies, the Master account is the ultimate account at FX Master Bot where traders get VIP treatment. It takes a $1,000 deposit with one or two brokers indicated on the registration page to get up and running.

In return, you get access to 27 currency pairs. All of the the advanced settings on the trading platform and unlimited trading possibilities in manual or auto trade modes.

FX Master Bot Review – Customer Support

All traders, regardless of the level of their trading accounts can enjoy live support. FX Master Bot offers live chat for all users. When the support team goes home at the end of the trading day, you can leave a message. Support team will make sure to send you reply by email the following day.

FX Master Bot Review – Payment Methods

Brokers collaborating with FX Master Bot forex robot are processing your financial transactions. Free software provider is not a brokerage company.

Typically, online brokers support a diverse range of payment methods. These payment methods include bank wire transfer, E-Wallets and credit/debit cards.

Customers will see exactly which deposit methods does each broker at FX Master Bot offer. Terms and conditions governing deposits and withdrawals are explained as well.

FX Master Bot states that all payment methods offered by its broker partners are 100% secure. You can see few of the selected payment methods on their website.

Currently, these include Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

FX Master Bot Review – Is Fx Master Bot a Scam?

Completing this Fx Master Bot review process resulted with the conclusion that FX Master Bot is legit forex robot software and not a scam.

You are able to modify a lot of settings on your own and decide when to start or stop trading. Full control is in trader’s hands.

There were no reported deposit or withdrawal issues with any of the brokers that are integrated with FX Master Bot.

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If you are still in doubts about forex robots, there are many auto trading forex robots in the market. I’m sure that you will be able to find something that is suitable for you.

You can check the overview by visiting our Best Forex Robots page